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As said by the owner, Mr.Gautam Purkayastha ,there is an interesting history behind starting Tamarind. It was about 20 years ago when he and his brother had decided to go to Coimbatore, to pick up a puppy! They have always been interested in dogs and dog shows and this particular dog was of the highest pedigree-so they had booked the litter. Back then flight fares were pretty expensive so they  booked train tickets. They reached the station only to find out that not only the tickets had been cancelled,the entire train service no longer existed! So they came back home and decided to drive all the way to Coimbatore. Everyone was against this absurd idea-the only person who encouraged them was their father. They left that very night , picking up a map from a friend in their Tata Safari. Thus began the journey of driving along the coastal regions of South India. Mr.Purkayastha mentions that usually South Indian cuisine meant Idli,Dosa ,Sambar and other typical vegetarian dishes. In that journey,they discovered the various cuisines of different states like Malabar, Andhra,Kerala etc. and their misconception about south indian cuisine was completely transformed. He shares that the people living beside the coastal regions have more access to fresh seafoods like fish,crabs ,prawns than any other region. Due to foreign invasions,the cuisines have evolved, south indian muslims have a different cookery,the anglo indians have a different style-in all a region having so many different culinary styles and cuisines. So they came back and decided to open a South Indian themed restaurant that will serve all these recipes. Thus Tamarind was born.